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Go The Distance

Strategic planning is at the core of any great business, allowing for the evolution of the most organic branding messages for your business.

Brand strategy offerings include extensive 1:1 coaching in: 

  • Ideas to Action
  • Organizing + Prioritizing
  • Unique Sales Positioning
  • Niches + Target Markets
  • Journey Mapping
  • Savvy Social Media
  • Creative Guerilla + Digital Marketing
  • Creating + Building While Employed Exit Strategy

This 1:1 confidence coaching helps you find your way to reaching your wildest creative dreams.

We’ll identify your big dream + all of the necessary steps to make it happen

We’ll organize your ideas and workflow into a realistic + manageable process

We’ll work together to build your brand, creative platform + create a manageable marketing strategy
⚡️Weekly 1-hour creative Skype strategy session

⚡️Regular assignments for staying on task

⚡️Personal accountability partner

⚡️Business networking opportunities

⚡️Newsletter brand spotlight feature

⚡️Discounted access to group mentoring + follow-up support ⚡️Early access to templates and courses

⚡️Exclusive course and product discounts