Februaryほぼ日 Flip-through + March Goal Diggin’+ Tattoo Talk Docuseries

Hi kawaii + creative family!

Another great month deserves another flip-thru! ^.^

In February, I created a social media strategy that I’ll put into play this month AND  it looks like a successful launch for my mini tattoo docuseries

Conversations with Customers


But on with the goodness!

Here’s my February flip thru, some Hobonichi photo spam, and March goal diggin’

Enjoy ~

🌸 Februaryほぼ日 Flip-through + #INKPLAY Highlights

goals and snail mail ^.^
a foo dog for a back piece ~
his back <3
everyday, I make a conscious decision to be happy ^.^
watching this cycle happen, on loop, asI learn A LOT in creative entrepreneurship
blog updates (check them out here & here) + my new social media strategy
from the Ippie-chan bu-jo ^.^ OC character development
and her first snail mail pack
love + Sailor Moon
I love making my beau a character in my manga adventures
more from the Sailor Moon sleeve …
in real time 🙂
started getting packs together for new pen pals … it Neko Atsume y’all!!!!
and the witness of dreams coming true – my tattoo docuseries, Conversations with Customers
Tune in for season 1, episode 1 TOMORROW!
more OC work … that happens to be brand work too (work smart, not hard)
dedicated to reflecting + Self-Care Sundays (plus my accountability partner would kill me LOLz)
more OC work + some Pokemon Day goodness ^.^
check out my Pokemon Day celebration here
ending my month starting my partnership brand build with Tim (my long-time friend & business coach) ^.^

I’m REALLY proud of our logo … it’s really “us” ^.^

We’re building + rebranding but if you’re a creativeprenuer like us and want some fun, creative ways to business build, join our Facebook group ~

As far as that creative life … it’s definitely a space for us by us!

And now … how bout dem goals ~

🌸February Small Goals

⭕organize DoCoJo content ⭕BGLT kawaii tattoo oiran ❌Ippie-chan samurai OC ⭕Convos with Customers launch <- Watch HERE

🌸March Small Goals

ready to crush these this month ^.^
Don’t forget to WATCH Conversations with Customers, Episode 1 TOMORROW!

Got goals, feedback and/ or content suggestions?

Comment below ^.^

Gambare, minna 🎨☀🌈💗💕✨ Imani (イマーニ)

Let’s keep in Touch!


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