Hobonichi Flipthrough + March Small Goals + Blog Updates

Hi kawaii family, old & new! Happy Wednesday!
It’s the first of the month! Pew pew pew ~

You know what that means … goals, goals, and more goals!

and things to look forward to ~ ^.^ Huzzah!

Before we take a look at March’s goals, let’s see how I fared in February.

✨Hobonichi (ほぼ日) Flipthrough

Oh don’t mind me! There’s a lot to fill in from the month, but don’t worry ~

I gots this! <3 Please enjoy February’s offerings for now …

my month started strong ^.^ and then life happened … 

✨February Small Goals + Events

❌black excellence in tattooing blog updates ~

I fell off because life got real >.< Check out my Little INKPLAY Shop, So Far shares. I been working … I PROMISE!

❌live art on IG ~

see above 😹😭😩

⭕️new illustration ~

I didn’t do a new illustration for COI’S 10 but I did a kawaii Valentine illustration and it won a prize! <3

⭕️2/14 (Tues) | kawaii culture talk at Dunbar

⭕️2/19 (Sun) | co-hosted event with Love Your Roots

there were no attendees, so the day was short but I got to spend QT with my beau

⭕️2/25 (Sat) | Kawaii Kakkoii Art Party & LIPS Site Launch

Still working on the site … not really >.< Ok just a tiny tiny bit ~ But overall, I’m just waiting to have my last inspection done by the City of Hyattsville so that I can say the studio is open for business!  Kawaii + creative workshops galore!!!!!!

✨March Small Goals

🌸black excellence in tattooing blog updates ~

I’m sad that these didn’t happen during February, but it WILL happen. it has to. I start another writing gig soon (PoC tattoo blogger here boo!) and need to clear my plate …

🌸live art on IG ~

back at this until it becomes a routine. don’t worry … I may/ may not fall short again this month LOL

🌸Chateau de Kawaii illustration/branding work ~

I’m really excited about working on this. I almost couldn’t wait!

🌸Kawaii in da Hood logo/branding/ structure work ~

I OWE this to myself so that I don’t fall too far behind.

✨March Events

🌸3/12 (Sun) | Do the Doodle Fundraiser Workshop

🌸3/17 (Fri) |Kawaii in da Hood at E.L. Haynes Wellness Day, Pt. 1

🌸3/25 (Sat) | Intro to Kawaii + Chateau de Kawaii website launch

🌸3/30 (Thurs) |Kawaii in da Hood at E.L. Haynes Wellness Day, Pt. 2

What are your goals for the month? Feel free to share below ^.^

Gambare, minna
Imani (イマーニ)

Let’s keep in Touch!

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