[FREEBIE] Kawaii + Creative Kwanzaa Goal Setting Workbook

Hi kawaii + creativepreneur family!

Happy holidays ^.^

Tis the season for goal setting + identifying creative ways to get going in 2018 ~

In authentic branding, I find it important to have some morals, scruples and a basic blueprint to be grounded in.

Like my mom says … if you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything.

And business is no different!

Each person is responsible for ways to measure their growth.

So now, I’m sharing mine ^.^

This year, I’ve put together a Kwanzaa-related goal setting workbook just for you!

Download it and get going!

Get My Kawaii Kwanzaa Workbook

And don’t forget to join the

creativepreneur Facebook mastermind

for some guided kwanzaa goal diggin’ + support.

Last but not least, help us

make kawaii + creative Zawadi

+ give our youth the gift of creativity this year ~

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