Unpacking Visual Communication

the Practical Way

Let’s journal & journey through

discovering a new skill set
building a brand

WHAT is Visual Communication?

Visual Communication (VC) as one of three main types of communication, is broad and believed to be the type that people rely on most.

Along with verbal communication (speaking) and non-verbal communication, it is a creative process that combines the visual arts and technology to communicate ideas.

VC includes signs, graphic designs, films, typography, and countless other examples. From smartphone icons, to airport signs, logos, magazine typography … visual communications play a powerful part in shaping our choices.

WHY is Brand Identity Important?

Having a professional-looking and one-of-a-kind brand identity does wonders for your personal and brand recognition and growth

A great image will:

🌸Give a great first impression
🌸Show that you mean business
🌸Attract your ideal client・customer・audience
🌸Give a good grasp of what you do and who you serve
🌸Instil a sense of confidence when networking on any level

WHO Wins with VC + BI?!


Since everyone can benefit from understanding visual communication and having a solid brand identity, EVERYONE wins ~

HOW Do 🙋 Win with VC + BI?