Creativity + Confidence Coaching

designed for the accelerated success of your brand, business or next big idea ~

Let’s Work Together!



What is a Creativity Coach?

(or in this case ... brand senpai ^.^)

Creativity Coaches are mentors who focus more specifically on your creative work + self development – 

As brand senpai, I help  many artists, writers, inventors/innovators, entrepreneurs and other creative souls move their dreams into reality.

Why YOU Need a Mentor

  • Limiting Beliefs About Creative Entrepreneurship Have Been Holding You Back
  • You Have Trouble Following Through With Your Creative Goals
  • You’re Overwhelmed With Too Many Creative Ideas and Simply Don’t Know Where To Begin
  • You’re Unable To Define A Clear Vision For Your Creative Idea
  • Your Creative Business Exists But Is In Complete Disarray
  • The Passion You Once Had For Creativity Is Gone
  • You Get Easily Sidetracked By New Ideas and “Ohh Shiny Moments”
  • Your Friends And Family Aren’t Supporting Your Creative Dreams
  • You’re Completely Lost And Feel Like All Hope Is Gone … But You Feel A Calling
  • AND you’d be a heck of a lot happier planning your business in the same intuitive, authentic, and expressive way that you live your creative life (yes, indeed, it can be that fun and fulfilling!)

Hi! I’m Imani K. Brown ~ 

or simply … you brand senpai.

As an international tattoo artist/manga illustrator, I help people transform their dreams into their ideal lifestyles.

Whether it’s a kawaii-inspired tattoo or growing their passion for entrepreneurship, I guide creative people to their dreams. If I can empower youths to embrace their inner otaku, I can help anyone. #facts

It’s all about the hustle and how you use it for empowerment!

Let me tell you why you should follow the path to your WILDEST creative dreams …

Together ~

Invest in Your Dreams

What You Get

  • Accountability Partners + Regular Assignments
  • Monthly Masterclass + Resource List
  • Master Mind Conferencing
  • Access to the DoCoJo Facebook community
  • Exclusive Course and Product Discounts

What You Gain

  • CONFIDENCE to create with intention
  • A plan + process for consistent productivity
  • Know what to launch next + when
  • Figure out how to build your audience
  • Attract the ideal client, a perfect fit for what you create

An Analog Approach To Clarity

Creatives often live in their heads with all

the ideas swirling around.

I encourage you to empty your mind to be able to see your true creative self,

inside and out, visualize your success and you IN IT, as you start your path to your creative future.

All With My Secret Weapon …


Through journaling, you’ll be able to guide your creative ideas, create a process,

and make time + space for self-care along the way ~

With clarity, the result is more joy, fun, ease in the creative process and journey.

One-on-one work with you to sift through your creative ideas.

You’ll walk away with suggested action steps to break out of your shell and hit the ground running.
⚡️Full ideas audit that includes:
◦ suggestions for overall organization and where to start

⚡️Actionable plan PDF
◦ actionable game plan/checklist to make it all happen

⚡️45- min Skype
◦ we’ll connect about your ideas and where you are– best strategies, the goals of your business/ brand/ idea, and more.

Are YOU Ready!

YUME Creative Coaching Systems

Give yourself permission to take your WILDEST creative dreams, map them out + move them into a realistic space ~

Get the tools you need + more to go forth and create with intention!

  • Productively manage self-doubt
  • Stop trying to do what everyone else expects you to do
  • Be perfectly happy to go far beyond your comfort zone
  • Ditch the fear of failure
  • Spend more time on the creative ideas that matter to you!

Now that you know what you need …

Are you ready to make your WILDEST creative dreams come true?!