Branding is one of the most important aspects of any business, helping create a unique & memorable voice inclusive of skills, talents,  values, interests, and beliefs.

It’s your business’ pinky swear ~

Why You Should Brand Your Dreams
  • Gives You a Competitive Advantage
  • Enhances Self-Awareness
  • Gives Your Business a Personality
  • Leaves an Impression
  • Clarifies Your Goals
  • Helps Prospects Decide Whether or Not They Want to Work With You

Make some creative noise TODAY!

How do you make creative noise without YOUR voice and something handcrafted just for you?

This timely and organised process is guaranteed to leave you with end product built to support your vision, goals, and needs.
⚡️In-depth brand discovery questionnaire

⚡️Mood board

⚡️Primary and alternate logo design

⚡️Custom color palette (hex, RGB, and CMYK)

⚡️Suggested font palette

⚡️Comprehensive brand style guide

⚡️1 custom pattern

⚡️Your choice of 3 collateral items
  • original character mascots
  • business cards & stationery
  • social media templates
  • product labels
  • price tags
  • postcards
  • stickers
Add-on A beautifully branded wordpress site includes
  • design of 8 pages
  • training call so you can maintain your site with ease
  • Eight (8) weeks