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Meet the Artist

Hi creativepreneur!

I’m Imani K. Brown, international tattoo artist and illustrator native to Washington, DC. As a creative, Imani I have visually communicated most of my life ^.^


Understanding my influence and brand success using basic and practical communication tools, I stumbled upon a resoundingly deep passion for helping others understand the power and magic in using this skill set in business, branding, & beyond.

My aim is to help you dream BIG, ditch the fear and create with intention ~

with practical tools … and pictures.

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fun adjectives & things I love

・otaku・Doctor Who・kawaii・traveling・Japan・Osamu Tezuka・manga・tattooing・anime・Chibi Marukochan・Pokemon・gaming・doodling・drawing・journaling・painting・

Oh, The Places I’ve Been